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    "I booked the Salmon River Trail ride as a surprise for my sister's birthday as she loves horses and hadn't ridden for quite awhile. The day couldn't have been more perfect and David was a fabulous guide. Thank you for an amazing experience through our beautiful coastal countryside. We will definitely be back."

    Kim & David Price

    "The check in process was not very welcoming or at all clear. More clear direction on how the system works (like having to drive to a second location) would have put us much more at ease at the start. Having said that, the ride itself and our guide Bright was wonderful. Very relaxing and beautiful."

    Chris and veronica eddy

    "I booked a few rides for my wife and i's 5th wedding anniversary. Little did I know these were the two best rides. Ms. Devin took us out for the sunset ride that was amazing and she made it fun as well. My wife had ugg the trooper that never quits and I had sweetie, of which she totally was. Unfortunately sweetie wasn't feeling well the next day but she was in good hands with all the ranchers and still soon be making another rider have a great experience. Since there were no campers hardly that night we got a private tour of all the campsites and still went over all the trails to catch the amazing sunset. Afterwards they even set you up with a nice cheese and meat spread to watch the sunset fully set on the ocean. An experience I will never forget. The next day went on the beach ride with I believe Sarah as our guide. She was amazing in keeping us together and making the experience more memorable. This time I had latte and wife had cocoa I believe. I have never rode a horse on the beach and it was breathe taking. And less exhausting lol. I highly recommend doing at least once in your life. All in all an amazing time that my wife and I will remember forever. And we will be returning and bringing friends and family with us to share the wealth in memories and experience. Thank you!"

    Stefanie Brand

    "Brite our guide was amazing. First time on a horse for my husband and he had a blast. We are definitely coming back and will request her again. Horses were so kind and gentle also. Tina was fabulous in helping me book the ride. I had an issue and had to cancel the first time I booked and when I called back Tina remembered me and my situation. Highly recommend everyone at the stables!"

    Nili Rodriguez

    "This was a bucket list of mine & certainly didn’t disappoint. Our group was small, the guide was great, & the ride to the beach was beautiful. We had a wonderful time!"

    Elizabeth Argumedo

    "Amazing ride made even better by the wonderful weather. Our trail guide was very knowledgable and sweet! Hands down my go to for trail rides when I am in California and away from my own herd of horses!"

    David Mozdzanowski

    "Our stay at turkey point was comfortable. The room was clean and the view was incredibly beautiful. The property was nice to walk around and kayaking was great! Our guides horseback riding we're really sweet and helpful. The horses were beautiful and very well trained. We appreciated the glasses, water kettle, water and other addition items you had in the room! A few things you could improve would be adding a few amenities to the tent such as a wine bottle opener, dish soap to wash the cups, and maybe a pan to cook on the wood burning stove or fire. Also the top of that hill is extremely windy and the tent gets really noisy making it hard to sleep at night. Also the doors are hard to latch all the way but slam open if they aren't latched tight. The bathrooms need to be deep cleaned. There was bird poop everywhere and the corners of the showers were full of dirt. Overall we enjoyed our stay! Thank you!"


    "Husband bought this for my birthday and I loved it! Our guides, Charles & Anyl (sp?) were great! Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank-you!"

    Elaine Hill

    "My friend and me when for a private ride on the beach and it was wonderful. We had a fabulous ride. Would highly recommend it to anyone."


    "We booked a ridge ride for myself, wife and young daughter. Really enjoyed the time spent there. Had a beautiful ride up the ridge. Time went by too soon! Sarah was our guide and was very personable and knowledgeable. My daughter fell in love with her horse Casino and we went back the next day to say goodbye and feed everyone carrots. Devin also was very friendly and helpful. We will be back! Thank you very much ?"

    Brenda & Kelly

    "Salmon Creek Trail in Spring so beautiful! Thank you, Sarah for a wondetful ride!"

    Barbara and Carolyn

    "We enjoyed a beautiful day on a 1-hour ride with Sarah as our trail guide. The view of the ocean was spectacular and our horses, Buddy and Elvis, were such sweet animals. Thank you!"

    Larry Thompson

    "September 23rd, 2014 Five Brooks Ranch, To Whom It May Concern: Each year the Marin County Fire Department sponsors a Firefighter Pancake Breakfast to help raise funds for the West Marin Disaster Council. This year?s breakfast will be the 27th annual fundraiser. The Council is a non-profit organization established after the disastrous 1982 floods that devastated West Marin. Its mission is to help the community better prepare themselves for future natural disasters and to provide emergency assistance to victims of these disasters. In the past, your company has been gracious enough to donate a raffle prize for our fundraiser. The date of our breakfast is October 26th, 2014. Our corporate tax-exempt ID number is 1657112. Please contact me regarding this request at the Marin County Fire Department (Point Reyes Station) 415-473-7699 or email me at larrythompson@marincounty.org Thank you for your consideration, Larry Thompson Engineer/ Paramedic Marin County Fire Department"

    Jaden Armstrong, Sacremento CA

    "Five Brooks is a wonderful place to board your horses or just to go on a fun ride. My best friend (Chantelle), her mom (Lola), and her moms best friend (Lesli), all boarded our horses their. It was a wonderful experience and they made it a lot better. Whenever we needed a little favor they helped us. Cowboy Dave was also a big help. He showed us fun trails and beautiful scenery that we couldn't find ourselves. We rented a horse once while we were there and the had him all ready to go when we came. Lisa did so much for us as well. We hope to come and board our horses there again because of the memories. They were amazing. We had such a great time! Thank you for the memories Five Brooks Ranch. (P.S. tell cowboy Dave lesli is thinking about him, haha)"

    Maddy MIchel, San Rafael

    "I used to take lessons here a long time ago. The horse I rode was Bowie. I stopped taking lessons and tranfered to a more pro stable. When I came with my friend, almost everything changed. When I wanted to ask if I could ride English on the phone, (I know they had english saddles, i rode in one during my lessons) The person i was talking to said:NO. However, the ride was great, We were advanced riders and the guide let us trot prctically everywhere. Our horses were lazy, but the guide pulled up twigs to use as crops, (Small whips, they don't hurt the horse). When we came back my friend was happy and so was I!"

    Robbin, East Bay CA

    "I took my 2 daughters on a ride for Mother's Day. The horses are well kept and clean. Sarah was our guide and although I didn't get much time to converse with her (since my horse was on a slow pace), my daughter truly liked her. I highly recommend them to anyone with little to much experience. We will be back!"

    Debbie G, Stockton CA

    "What a blast! The horses were perfect. The guide was wonderful. We had fantastic weather. We walked through the trees, and galloped on the beach. It doesn't get any better than this. Already scheduling our next ride! Thank you Five Brooks for a fun time!"

    Caroline & eugene durenard new york

    "We did the fir top trail and it was magnificent! The horses are well kept and responsive. Our guide,Cowboy Dave, was not only entertaining and informative but without him taking the time to stop and point things out there were a lot of things we would have missed.,things are hard to spot if you don't have Dave's local knowledge! . He made a great excursion even better! The scenery is spectacular. Dave tailored our ride perfectly to our abilities so it was extremely fun and rewarding. Highly recommend this trail and Dave. Next time we will try an even longer one!"

    caroline & eugene durenard

    "We did the fir top trail and it was magnificent! The horses are well kept and responsive. Our guide,Cowboy Dave, was not only entertaining and informative but without him taking the time to stop and point things out there were a lot of things we would have missed.,things are hard to spot if you don't have Dave's local knowledge! . He made a great excursion even better! The scenery is spectacular. Dave tailored our ride perfectly to our abilities so it was extremely fun and rewarding. Highly recommend this trail and Dave. Next time we will try an even longer one"

    Charlotte - The Horse Lab, Paris, France

    "My husband and I had a great ride with David on summer 2014! Sorry to be posting so late. We went on a very funny and sportive ride in the rainy forest. David was a great riding teacher to my husband. I am a riding teacher too, and I really appreciated his work. David let me ride his Quarter Horse Mexico at some time. Mexico was fantastic! I hope you and your horses are doing well. We hope to come back soon. And we definitely recommend Five Brooks Stable! Kind regards, Charlotte"

    Elmira F.

    "My friend invited me to come out horsebackriding with him and his family. I agreed but didn't think we would have as much fun as we did - both the guides (David and Ryan) and the horses added a special touch to our two hour long beautiful afternoon in the woods. I had done trips like these before but they were boring in comparison to this horseback ride. The guides did an excellent job keeping us entertained and customized the ride/pace based on how we all did as a group. At all points I felt very safe but was challenged to have fun. We even did some galoping which was a blast! Highly recommend this company for a very pleasant fun outing!"

    GregD, East Bay CA

    "They did an excellent job, especially with helping our youngest one--who hadn't ridden in a year--become comfortable again on a horse. Highly recommended"

    Tim Wade, Newark CA

    "We had such a great time with Lisa. We were beginners, but she got us trotting! Woo-hoo!"

    Diana & Tristan, Sonoma, CA

    "I reserved a last-minute 2-hour trail ride for myself and my son, and Five Brooks was able to accommodate us later that day. We were both beginners -- I had ridden a few times and my son was brand new to the sport. Though we booked a public ride, we ended up on a private ride, which worked out to be perfect, because we got some great training in addition to the beautiful ride! Thanks so much for the experience. We will definitely be back!"

    Ann and Nolan S., Burlingame, CA

    "We had a fantastic 3 hr Glen Trail ride. I was a bit apprehensive, having been thrown from horses in the past, but Lisa took it nice and easy with myself and my 12 year old son. We saw such beautiful country through the woods of one of the most spectacular National parks! With the recent rains the forests were the greenest I've seen in years. Birds singing, osprey nests and ferns galore! It was magical! Thank you Five Brooks! WHAT A TREAT!"

    Albany R., Redding, CA

    "My husband and I and three of our children, ages 11 to 13, did the two hour Fir Top Trail Ride. It was so amazing. Our guide, Carol was very friendly and made everyone feel comfortable. My husband had never ridden a horse before and loved the experience. Carol gives instruction perfectly and continually checked to make sure everyone felt comfortable and was having a good time. The horses were all very sweet and obedient as well. The trail was absolutely breathtaking with views in all directions. I would definitely recommend Five Brooks Ranch and we will definitely book another ride when we are in the area again!"

    Colleen | San Rafael, CA

    "My friends and I treated my 7-year-old to a birthday trail ride. We had a great time. It was my daughter's first ride and she was given a perfect amount of instruction and attention as we prepped, mounted and then ambled up - and back down - a nearby fire road. Her horse, Tornando, thankfully, was the opposite of a tornado; providing her a calm, safe ride close behind the lead. Our leads were very focused on the safety and comfort of their guests. Ryan was even happy to adjust my daughter's sliding helmet and asked how the younger kids were doing frequently. I'd recommend that intermediate or advanced riders opt for a longer or more advanced ride but for beginners, the hour-long ride was perfect!"

    Ross Pappas, Walnut Creek, CA

    "It was quite easy to get an appointment for Memorial Day weekend given enough time to sign up, and when we got there things were quick and easy to get us on the horses and up to trotting speed. Had a great time. Lovely guide, and very well trained horses. After you can feed carrots and groom the horses as a reward to the horses and yourself for the wonderful scenic ride in the fur top trail. Special thanks to Jesse and Scout, the horses!"

    Lou Ambrose

    "The staff is very friendly and made us feel welcome. Spencer was a great trail guide and the scenery is spectacular."

    Rob and Rebecca, Rock Springs, WY

    "Hands down best ride money pay for. David was a great sport with our enthusiasm. It was the ride of a lifetime....through the redwood forest, along the waves of the beach, a picnic lunch, and to top it off a beautiful cascading waterfall. But the very best thing was David's flexibility in letting us break tradition and ride "outside of the box". This was not a nose to tail robotic horse ride. We blazed through the forest and along the beach. David allowed us the freedom to make our dreams come true. If you have the opportunity, you won't be disappointed."

    Marisa, Sacramento, CA

    "Purchased a private 2 hour ride for myself and my Dad as a Father's Day present when he was visiting from Boston, MA. We own horses back east and both grew up riding. Cowboy Dave took the two of us out and we had a blast! He was full of stories and insight on the beautiful scenery on the trails, as well as tales from his cattle work and other horse training escapades. Knowing a little bit about our prior riding experience and our comfort levels, Dave expertly tailored the pace of the ride to us, making for a truly excellent trail riding experience! I'll be bringing back other out of town visitors and friends for sure!"

    Edd P./Jen C. Austin, TX

    "Great experience, my fiance has years of experience and I had none. Very professional from start to end. Amazing ride on Fir Top Trail for two hours, so beautiful. Dave is a great guide, and everything went great. Lots of instruction, plus they took photos of us with our own phones which is a nice touch. Highly recommended."

    Megan B., Sacramento, CA

    "My 8 year old and I had a really nice time on the Stewart Trail ride. He rode Willy and I rode Jesse. Our trail guide Jocelyn was relaxed and helped us feel at ease. At one point my horse stopped to eat grass on the side of the trail. I told Jocelyn I was afraid to pull on the reins and take charge. She told me that was exactly what I needed to do and that the horse would respond better to me if I showed who was boss. My 8 year old says he wants to go again! We both had a great experience. Thanks so much!"


    "Hello, I am not writing a review instead I need help with a query on riding with fivebrooks. Is there an email I can write to?"

    Angela Grass Valley

    "My husband and I spent the weekend At the Olema campground with our two-year-old granddaughter. We saw the advertisement for horse rides and bought a ticket. We were so impressed with the quality of service and professionalism from the ladies facilitating the rides. They provided safety instructions and some basic horsemanship lessons to each young rider. We were very impressed with the care, encouragement and attention given to our grand daughter. Thank you for the time, effort and resources you invest bringing your horses to the campground. The line for rides extended throughout the day and children who otherwise may never be exposed to riding had an amazing experience!"

    Desirae, Alameda CA.

    "We booked a private ride and it was great! (2 hour ride) Carol (our guide) was fantastic!! She adapted the ride to our riding experience which exceeded my expectations. She made us feel welcome and gave my nephew (a beginner) good precise instruction. The trail was well kept and the horses appear to be well taken care of, which is very important to me when I look for places to ride. I will definitely return!!"

    Beth, Oakland CA

    "Had a lovely private ride with Spencer, perfect day, gorgeous scenery not a trace of civilization, lots of collected lopes - I will definitely be returning for more!"

    Mark, San Rafael, CA

    "My two daughters and I have been on several two hour rides at Five Brooks over the past few years. I don't think we've ever had the same guide. Jocelyn was our guide for the 2-hour private ride. Typically, I haven't wanted to spend the extra money for a private ride. This time, though, I wanted to ensure that we could do more trotting and cantering. When you are in a non-private ride, there may be people with varying levels of comfort and ability with trotting and cantering. We are beginning riders. Jocelyn gave us a lot of tips about riding, which I haven't really gotten in the past. This was another fabulous ride through gorgeous West Marin forests."

    Daniel | Chicago, Illinois

    "The view is beautiful! The price is worth it, and reasonable, as well. I would definitely continue to pay them visits."

    Winona M.

    "My younger daughter and her friend rode two days in a row. They loved the horses and the trail rides. The horses are beautiful and well kept. It is clear the staff and owners love them. The girls had a blast and we hope to return soon."

    Debbie H, San Francisco, CA

    "My 7 year old daughter, her 8 year old friend and my 10 year old son rode the Stewart Trail with Spencer, who is so great and friendly, especially with my beginner kids who were a unsure at first. At the end, all 3 were yelling to come back to do the 2 or 3 or 6 hour ride next time! Beautiful trail and a wonderful guide - thank you!"

    Michelle San Francisco, CA

    "This was the absolute best trail ride I have ever experienced!!! Hands down the best! Dave was our trail guide and he assessed our abilities at the start of the ride, then tailored the ride so that we all had a fun, exhilarating ride that fit our riding skills. We will definitely return!! Thanks Dave and Five Brooks and thank you to my frisky little mare, Dixie!"

    Gary and Cindy, Carmel, IN

    "Bucket list quality ride. By far the best horse riding experience ever. We booked a private, 2-hour ride with Cowboy David who made the excursion special from beginning to end. This was no 'zombie' ride. Full of fun and adventure. We will definitely be back!"

    Anna A

    "My family surprised me with the 3 hour horse ride for my 60th birthday, first time ever riding for me. We all went, I got Tornado, so my legs were shaking, you could tell, as they helped me to get on the saddle. But to my surprise I got so comfortable into the first 8 minute or so, if I had done this before. Our guide was very friendly, I learned quite a few things about horses, the trail has nice scenery, and I want to go back, so (: (: thank you Five Brooks Ranch :) :)"

    Ellie F. Harrisburg, PA

    "We had booked a two hour ride on the Fir Top Trail, but were told as we were mounted and heading out that it was inaccessible. Instead the guide, Spencer, led us up an improved park road for an hour and then we turned around and rode for an hour back down to the stable with a 5 minute detour into a meadow. We were disappointed in that we were expecting a real trail, views and an experience that you can't get on foot. Overall, disappointing. It was a very beautiful morning, however and the forest was very aromatic."

    Allison, SF, CA

    "Started With the toilets - very smelly . Staff not overly friendly , especially our guide - a woman, I think her name was Lisa. Very bossy , seemed grumpy . Felt more stressed on the ride because of her. Would not recommend your place to others."

    Virginia C., Columbus GA

    "This was the best trail ride I have ever been on, by far. I am an experienced rider and expected to plod along for two hours. But, because our group had some riding experience, our guide Dave would yell "rock and roll" and allow us to jog, lope, and even gallop frequently. It was a blast! I highly recommend Five Brooks Ranch."

    Klara June, Singapore

    "Did the Fir Top Trail, Glen Trail & Wildcat Beach Ride & I say each of the 3 days was my best riding experience ever! My guides, Spencer & David are superb!!! Spencer is a nice & gentle guide while David is not just a guide but an instructor to me! He shared horse riding tips with me which helped me gain confidence in those rides & ever encouraging! He never compromised safety while doing his best to give me as much riding fun as possible! David made my riding experience with Five Brooks beyond my expectation! Also, the horses are well cared for & great horses to ride on! So loved them! 2 thumbs up for David & all staff @ Five Brooks! Overall, riding @ Five Brooks made my travel from Singapore to the States a worthy one!"

    Laurel H., New Haven, Connecticut

    "My husband and I had a wonderful time here. We took the Fir Top Trail, and while there weren't too many overlooks with big scenic views, the forest we rode through was lush and gorgeous. Our reservations were handled with ease, and the staff was super friendly! One thing that worried me though was that the horse I was given was very old and slow (her name is Harley), and had some trouble keeping up with the group (also I probably wasn't very good at pushing her to go faster). She constantly was panting and coughing, and I was quite worried for her. My husband and I are beginners, so one other issue was that we were wholly unprepared for how painful and physically demanding trotting the horses would be. I was just expecting a leisurely slow walk, and while we did that most of the time, we did about a dozen bursts of trotting during the ride, and as the trail went on, me and my husband learned to dread whenever our guide started trotting. I also sort of wish they had prepared us to trot before we set out on the trail, instead of suddenly asking 10 minutes into the ride if we were ready to try trotting. None of us knew what we were doing, and the first time our entire group tried, one of the other guests almost bounced out of the saddle. Our guide then explained that we needed to brace ourselves by standing up a bit in the stirrups, and that helped some. I just felt since everyone in our group was beginners that it would been nice if the guide had told us what to do before she had us try it. Other than that, it was a great experience."

    Jeff, San Ramon, Ca.

    "My family (4 of us) took the 2 hour ride a few days ago and loved it. Our guide was fantastic and we were able to both trot and gallop a little even though we were all very beginning riders. I would highly recommend Five Brooks Ranch."

    Christina Cabral, Santa Rosa, CA

    "I absolutely LOVE this place! I have been on the 2-hour trail ride four times now, and I fall in love with the area even more each time I go back. I would recommend this place to absolutely anyone! The prices are outstanding, the staff is great, and the grounds are beautiful. Can't say enough good things about the lovely horses, either. I've taken my fiance, and all of my friends. My fiance was a little nervous, but ended up having a blast. I will return!"

    Julie Harper

    "My family and I had a great experience at five brooks ranch. We went on a 3 hour ride with 3 young kids and our tour guy Dave was patient and so helpful. The scenery is amazing and our guide stopped all the time to make sure everyrhing was ok. Definately the best spring break adventure for my kids. Thank you"

    Rikki, SF, CA

    "My Mom and I had a wonderful time celebrating her 70th birthday on a trail ride with David. My Mom has been riding since she was 3 years old and she would rather do that than pretty much any thing else. I used to rise when I was a kid but have only been on a horse a handful of times since then. David was an excellent, patient and entertaining guide. The horses were obviously well cared-for and responsive. And the trails were absolutely gorgeous. A memorable time, for sure!"

    Kim, Simpsonville SC

    "Our family did the 2 hour Fir Woods trail ride with David and had an awesome time. He was great with our girls (7 & 11) He took time out to get pictures and video of us together to make for a very memorable time. We loved out time at Five Brooks Ranch."

    Helen C

    "Our family of 3 enjoyed our 2 hour Fir Top ride! The horses are well cared for and the trail is beautiful. The staff was exceptionally honest and went out of their way to remind us that we had paid via booking online and did not need to pay at the ranch. The guide pointed out osprey nests and points of interest to our group along the way, and was very competent with the horses. She dealt with some wayward horse behavior in a firm but supportive manner. The only thing that kept this from being 5 stars was the guide's sometime brusque manner, which may have been accentuated at the end of a long hot day."

    Kelli Parnall

    "All the staff were welcoming and helpful. My two daughters, 7 and 12, loved the trail ride-- one hour, and they could have gone longer. Both had had a few lessons during several summers and in the last year had ridden a couple of times. The 7 year old was still initially hesitant once on the horse. The 12 year old was comfortable, and pleased that staff recognized it."

    Debbie, East Bay, CA

    "Great ride! Dave is a great guide. It was like a mini lesson for my 2 nephews who have only ridden rental horses. We did quite a bit of jogging and loping on the 3 hr glen trail ride and had a blast. Dave put me on the perfect horse, Mexico, who was well behaved when I didn't feel like joining the lope and the others went off. Got lucky with perfect weather, too."

    lori h. napa ca

    "Took our two oldest grandchildren riding, our 3rd or 4th time. "Dev" was great!!!! The kids love to trot and she was more than willing. Took a nice ride through the woods. Would recommend Five Brooks anytime."